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Extra Service

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Reasonable prices for (VOA) pre-approval letter for Visa upon arrival.

Hassle-free: 100% online procedures, no documents needed. All Countries Support, VOA

Convenience: Applicable for all air-travelers to Vietnam with 24/7 support

Faster: 4hours processing time or get emergency visa in 10 minutes.

-    Private visa letter
-    Vip fast track
-    Air ticket

Private Vietnam Visa Approval Letter On Arrival

What is Private Vietnam visa approval letter on Arrival?

Have you ever heard about separate Vietnam visa approval letter, individual Vietnam visa approval letter or own Vietnam visa approval letter?

Both of these words just refer for 1 common term: Private Vietnam Visa approval letter on Arrival. (VOA)

Generally, this is an extra service that guarantees and secures your privacy. The service makes sure your passport details are safe and not shared to others. We are proud of bringing this service for the customers who wish to keep personal information in secrete. By using this service, there is only yourself (and your partner’s) details on the letter.

Why use Private Vietnam Visa approval letter on Arrival?

Normally, Visa agencies and The Vietnam Immigration Department process several orders at the same time. It is common to get like 15-30 applicants on the same approval letter. It depends of course on when you made the order. In high seasons, you will find many other applicants on your visa-approval letter. You will then share full name, passport numbers, date of birth, nationality, entry date and visa type.

You do not need to worry, this is a normal process. But we do understand the need for privacy and to protect your information. In some countries the passport numbers are almost the same as the personal number. This is the reason why we have offered the Private Visa service. For customers who wish to keep their passport details private, we offer this service.

However, as mentioned above it does not matter when you entry Vietnam with a visa approval letter which includes many names of customers. By using Private visa or Share visa, you are guaranteed to entry Vietnam as normal provided that your information in passport is matched with Visa approval letter.

In addition, the fee for a private visa approval letter is the approval fee + 10 USD. For example, for one month single entry visa, it costs 15 USD to get a shared approval letter. For a private visa approval letter, it costs 25 USD.
If your group 2 -3pers  , only plus 10usd /visa letter approval . for exemple 2 application is 15 x2 + 10 , total 40usd

VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service

Although visa on arrival is beneficial for foreign travelers in many ways, it seems not to delight those who must experience queuing at customs desk for hours to wait for visa stamp. Then how to avoid horrendous queue that sometimes can take up to 2 hours to get through immigration? The answer for you is to use Airport Speedup Immigration Service, especially for VIP service offered by Visavietnamservice.com

How does Airport Speedup Immigration Service work?

Airport Speedup Immigration Service is used to help speed up your entry procedures at Vietnam arrival airports. If you use this, our staff will do all the entry procedures at Customs Desk at any of 3 international airports in Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City) on your behalf within a couple of minutes. The service cost is USD 45/ person, and you just wait some minutes and enter Vietnam without any trouble, instead of waiting in a long queue when doing it yourself.

What are Superior Advantages of VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service?

To meet the rising needs of customers, in addition to Airport Speedup Immigration Service, we also offer VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service. This is a full package for Vietnam airport fast-track service. Normally, there are three steps at the arrival airport where foreign tourists do airport procedures as following:

Step 1: Queue up and Get visa stamped at your passport at Customers Desk

Step 2: Airport security check-out: the airport security will check your papers again including stamped visa on the passport, valid passport, your luggage and then go through the security scan.

Step 3: Get your luggage back.

As mentioned above, for normal  VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service we will help you in step 1. It means our staff will do all the entry procedures at Customs Desk on your behalf within a couple of minutes. For VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service, our staffs do all above three steps. After finishing the entry procedures at Customs Desk, our staff will escort you and your baggage to the Airport security check-out and speed up check-out procedures. Of course, you have to continue to queue up. But with our VIP service, everything will go easy and quick. And then, our staffs will pick up your luggage and escort you and your baggage to Taxi or your booked car.

Who should use VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service?

Any foreigners who apply for Vietnam visa on arrival can also use VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service to save their time at Vietnam airport. However, the service is most recommended for:

– Those who come to Vietnam for the first time

– Those who bring along with kids or old people

– Those who travel in a big group

– Those who are pregnant or disable

How much does it cost?

The service fee for VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service costs 45 USD/pax (excluding visa stamping fee). Children who share the same passport/travel document with the parent can be provided the service free-of-charge.
You can apply for VIP Airport Speedup Immigration Service by selecting this option during online visa application or simply send us an email to sales@visavietnamservice.com  indicating your flight itinerary (flight number, arrival time, departure point/arrival point) in order that we can arrange the service for you smoothly. Remember that all these information need to be provided before 48 hours in advance of arrival. In case we do not receive your confirmation, no refund will be made and we should not hold any responsibility if you are not picked up at the airport.  

Vietnam flight ticket

Why book your flight with us?

-    We understand what you want. With us, you are assured to get not only trustable information but also valued search. We have been bringing to you all other necessary services to ensure a safe, interesting and worry-free journey to Vietnam including Vietnam visa arrangement, hotel booking, tour arrangement, as you know; And now, to make your journey a perfect one, we also offer flight tickets (to and from Vietnam) at the lowest prices (as compared to any other agent in Vietnam).
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-    you can also email the below information: sales@visavietnamservice.com you will receive the answer within a couple of minutes.
-    If you may have any further questions and any difficulties with your flight or your journey, do not hesitate to sales@visavietnamservice.com. We are always willing to assist you at our best!
-    We wish you a happy journey and hope to see you in Vietnam!